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So, Lianne and I went to this Jazz/Cabaret thing with my Grandmother (Gram) and my Uncle (great-uncle.... my grandmothers brother...). It was a fun night, the event was at the Overlake Golf and Country Club, hosted by Gram's church, and put together by their musical director who is apparently quite the talent. In any case the most memorable event of the night wasn't the show, no, the most memorable event occurred before anything had started....

On the way into the club house Lianne and I were meeting many of Gram's friends and acquaintances. Gram's been going to this church for quite awhile so it seemed like she knew every one. During the course of one of the first introductions Gram turned and introduced me, her grandson, and then Lianne.... my fiance...... o_O

Uh.... what was that Gram?? Gee no pressure or anything. Haha, seeing as we were at a church event I wasn't sure if she was trying to tell me something. Ah, yes, good times.



I finally did my bread post on the Fried Rice Blog!! Go check it out and leave comments!! Or better yet, try out the recipe and then leave comments. Or ask me questions! Or make fun of me! Haha.

Anyway, since arriving in Seattle I've made 4 loaves of fresh bread from scratch. 3 Loaves have been just regular bread although the 3rd was shaped oblong while the first two were round. I found that the round loaves, while ascetically pleasing were harder to cut than the more oblong one. Of course if you prefer to just tear into your bread then I suppose it doesn't matter.

My last loaf, which I just baked today, was a whole wheat loaf. I actually only used 1 cup of whole wheat flour and left the rest as regular bread flour. It turned out really good, perhaps my best loaf yet! Haha.

Anyway, there's more recipes to come!! Pumpkin Bread, pumpkin cookies, and the much requested brownie recipe!!



On concerts and parking

Lianne and I went to a Sara Bareilles concert at the Moore theater on Wednesday. Kind of a chick show but quite enjoyable nonetheless. Sara Bareilles is really good live, she's got quite a voice. It was general seating (we were in the first balcony) so we got there reasonably early and were able to get some pretty decent seats. All in all it was a memorable night but not necessarily because it was a good show...

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Hair cut

Today's highlight was getting my hair cut. I went to this place that's literally 5 minutes away from the house called Ten Pachi. It was an actual hair salon, which is a pretty big change from my previous place for hair cuts.....

Back in Hawaii I went to a place called University Barber, it was close to campus and cheap (about $15 with tip). Hair cuts weren't bad but they weren't always really good. I don't think I ever had a real disaster but there were a couple times that I came home and had to do some clean up on myself, stray hair or lop-sided bangs. Why did I keep going back? Well, I was familiar with the place, it was cheap, and I knew what to expect. They weren't going to give me the best hair styling ever but they weren't going to completely butcher the job.

Now, Ten Pachi, was way different. Shampoo your hair, there's like 10 different stylists, music playing (university had music sometimes but I think it was Chinese...), it was a little daunting. I felt somewhat out of place but my hair really needed cutting and the price was actually pretty good ($20 +tip) so I stuck it out and it wasn't so bad.

I actually really like the way it turned out. Nothing super different but the woman that cut my hair added some texture and thinned my hair out a bit. Then at the end she decided to do something that I wasn't expecting....

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More on coffee

So, I got hang out with Gram (that's my grandmother not really sure when calling her Gram started but it's stuck) yesterday and we went to this coffee place called Zoka so that she could replenish her supply. I went ahead and bought a pound too and then we sat down and had THE BEST CAPPUCCINO EVER!!!

Now then, I'm pretty sure that I'm not qualified to make that kind of statement but I have had my fair share of cappuccinos and other various coffee drinks. So you can believe that this was one seriously awesome coffee. Ever in the Seattle area, you have to check it out.

I'll post more about the cappuccino and the coffee later on the food blog.


Still Sucks

Just a follow up on my last post about running. I just got back from another run and I've decided that I'm going to rate them on the suck scale.

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It's Getting Chilly

Perhaps I'll start posting more often........ riiight....

Anyway, I've got some free time so I thought I'd put up an update on things. Where to start....

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And that's pretty much it. More on the job and things later!

Job Hunting

Today I'm bitching about job hunting. I've finished my Masters in Electrical Engineering and I'm now out on the look out for that elusive beast that is A JOB!! Haha, yea it's time to move on into the real world. However, I'm finding that job hunting is not without annoyance.....

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I'm rewatching season one and two of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) and I just have to say:


I love this show.

That's it. :-P




I could stand to go back to sleep. I'm sick of writing this thesis. I want it to write itself. Anyone out there want to write about retrodirective technologies for terrestrial sensor networks?

In other news Jon polished off a whole bottle of wine by himself last night. He was pretty drunk. I think the singing and incoherent text messages were the best part.